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Business Cards, Your Most Important Advertising Form
Your business cards must reflect exactly what you want to put across, enough to give a potential client the idea to call on you. In the past you would go to a printing shop or one of those office supply copy stores. They're great if you know exactly what you're doing.

Creating Your Cards from Home at Half the Cost
Inspiration for what your card should look like is half the battle. When you go to printing or copy locations you're limited to the imaginative tools at hand, and most of those come from you and the person helping you. Online ordering gives you the unique position of choosing from your office or home. This can give you various ideas from many different sites to find exactly what you want and need when you aren't quite sure. It's all right in front of you to compare and contrast. Most online companies have special incentives that are sometime half the price of your local print shop.

How to Find the Best Business Card Company
Many popular sites aggressively advertise on the internet, view as many as you can to find what they offer in card stock, and printing formats. What's the turnaround time on orders, discounts and guarantees? Once you've found some you're interested in, narrow the search further. Checking independent online reviews for each company to see what past customers are saying.

Feeling Comfortable with Your Pick
Make sure there's a toll free number to call so you can ask questions. It might be a good idea to call just to get a feel for the company. Have questions ready to test their knowledge. Your business card is the first impression many people will have of you; make that impression a great one.

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